Frequently asked questions

What is IoT?

IoT stands for the "Internet of Things". It refers to any equipment, device or object which connects to the Internet. Examples: Your Mobile Phone is an IoT Device which forms part of the Internet of Things. This is because it is a device which sends and receives data from the Internet. A vehicle or personal tracker is also an IoT Device. This is because it is sending data to the Internet. Your shoe is not an IoT Device unless embedded sensors send data to the Internet.

Where is IoT used?

IoT is used in any application which requires that a device sends data over the Internet Examples: A security alarm system notifies you through an SMS or Email if an alarm occurs. To send vehicle tracking location to a cabs company or user to understand the location of the cab. To collect data from agriculture land for pro-active and efficient watering of plants. To collect parking data and direct citizens to available parking spaces.

Why is IoT Security important?

IoT Security is important to ensure that IoT Data is not accessed by an unauthorized third party. Security is critical at all stages of the system as the security depends on the weakest link. There are various IoT Security Layers: Physical Device Security (Device Hardware is not hackable). Device/Endpoint Data Security (Encryption of Data). RF Protocol Security (Encryption applied by the network Protocol used). Network Security (VPN Tunnels and physical access for Local Network Servers). Application and Data Security (SSL Certificates, Logins and Passwords and Backups).

Why is IoT needed?

IoT simplifies and digitizes processes and applications. IoT Devices collect data from the world to provide useful insights and control. IoT enables easier and more sustainable application management.

Where to start with IoT?

IoT is a vast topic and you should understand what IoT means and the different applications. If any application is of interest to you read further about the subject. We then suggest to get in contact with us about your idea so we can guide you.